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Forum Asia Democracy : 30th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War : Human Rights in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam

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Forum Asia Democracy

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Programme on the Hearing on Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in the European Parliament (Subcommittee on Human Rights, Brussels, 12 September 2005)


Cambodia : Sentencing of parliamentarian reflects continuing flaws in the judicial system (Amnesty International)


I – Introduction – Generalities

1 – Main data
2 – Population : the ethnic groups

II – A rigid and opaque political system

1 – An omnipresent single Party
2 – The 8th Party Congress : a continuity ?

III – A subsidized Economy

1 – Controversial Projects : the case of Nam Theun 2 Dam
2 – A blocked situation
3 – A generalized corruption

IV – A frustrated and hopeless society

1 – A people without voice and without rights
2 – Ethnic and religious Repression
3 – An increasing protest
4 – A more receptive International Community

V – Conclusion and recommendations


Rule off Law or Rule by Law ?
National Security Legislation
The Vietnamese Legal System – “Safeguarding Socialist Legality”
“Legalizing” arbitrary detention to suppress dissent
Detention Conditions in prisons and re-education camps
The Death Penalty
Mechanisms of control
Violations of Freedom of Conscience, Religion and Belief
Violations of Press Freedom
Censorship on the Internet
Violations of the Right to Peaceful Assembly
Violations of Ethnic Rights : Repression against the Montagnards
Grave Crisis within the Communist party : the “GD2” Affair
“Doi Moi” – a breeding ground for Corruption and Graft
“Doi Moi” – Wealth Polarization and growing Social Inequity
The Rural Poor : a population excluded from the “renovation” process
Lack of access to medical care
HIV/AIDA – an exploding epidemic
Women’s and Children’s Rights : Trafficking in Women, Child Labour
Gender Equality
The European Parliament and Vietnam

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