FoRB Updates by VCHR & IBIB

2017 01/30/2017 (IBIB): In Lunar New Year Message, Thích Quảng Độ calls for Fearlessness to win freedom for Buddhism in Vietnam 02/24/2017 (VCHR) :EU Delegation raises serious human rights concerns during visit to Vietnam 02/28/2017 (VCHR) : Amnesty International group in US sends 70 letters to EP delegation to Vietnam …

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Entrée du Camp d’été du Mouvement Bouddhiste de la Jeunesse

Crackdown on Buddhist Youth Movement’s Summer Camp in Huế

  PARIS, 21st July 2017 (VCHR – IBIB) – Police and local authorities in Huế harassed, intimidated and intercepted members of the Buddhist Youth Movement (BYM – Gia Đình Phật tử Việt Nam) as they organized the movement’s annual Summer Camp in Huế. This incident takes place as Vietnam prepares …

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